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Dodgers Legend Tommy Lasorda Has Died

Tommy Lasorda at opening of his new restaruant, Lasorda's Trattoria, in 2014 at Dodger Stadium.
Tommy Lasorda at opening of his new restaruant, Lasorda's Trattoria, in 2014 at Dodger Stadium. photo (Diana Castro/Premier Photo Int’l.)

Thomas Charles Lasorda was born Sept. 22, 1927, in Norristown, PA.

By: Angela Redding
Photos: Diana Castro/Premier Photo Int’l.

Los Angeles, CA, (The Hollywood Times) 1/8/2021–“In a franchise that has celebrated such great legends of the game, no one who wore the uniform embodied the Dodger spirit as much as Tommy Lasorda,” Dodger president and CEO Stan Kasten

At the age of 93, Hall of Fame manager Tommy Lasorda passed away last night at 10:57 p.m. He was the Los Angeles Dodgers manager for two decades, from 1976 to 1996. During his time as their manager, the team won two World Series titles.

Dodgers Official Press Release

Hall of Fame Dodgers’ manager Tommy Lasorda, who spent seven decades in the Dodger organization and became one of the most memorable personalities in baseball history, passed away Thursday night the team announced. He was 93.
Lasorda suffered a sudden cardiopulmonary arrest at his home at 10:09 p.m. He was transported to the hospital with resuscitation in progress. He was pronounced dead at 10:57 p.m.
Regarded by many as baseball’s most popular ambassador, Lasorda spent 71 seasons in the Dodger organization with Dodger Blue running through his veins. He spent the last 14 as special advisor to the chairman.

Lasorda’s wish to see another Dodgers World Championship was fulfilled last October when he traveled to Arlington, Texas to witness the Dodgers 3-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 6 of the World Series.

“There are two things about Tommy I will always remember,” former Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully said. “The first is his boundless enthusiasm. Tommy would get up in the morning full of beans and maintain that as long as he was with anybody else.

Image of Vin Scully at the Los Angeles Dodgers 2014 Fanfest at Dodger Stadium.
Retired sportscaster for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Vin Scully, at the Dodgers 2014 Fanfest event at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA. (photo: Diana Castro/Premier Photo Int’l.)

“The other was his determination. He was a fellow with limited ability and he pushed himself to be a very good Triple-A pitcher. He never quite had that something extra that makes a major leaguer, but it wasn’t because he didn’t try. Those are some of the things: his competitive spirit, his determination, and above all, this boundless energy and self-belief. His heart was bigger than his talent and there were no foul lines for his enthusiasm.”

Lasorda was named a Dodgers vice president in 1996 after retiring as manager, a position he held for the previous 20 seasons. He assumed all player personnel responsibilities when he was named the Dodgers’ interim general manager on June 22, 1998. He relinquished his general manager duties when he was promoted to senior vice president on Sept. 11, 1998.

He is survived by his wife of 70 years, Jo, who he married on April 14, 1950, their daughter, Laura, and granddaughter Emily Tess.

Former President Ronald Reagan with Tommy Lasorda and Jane Lasorda
12/7/1981 President Reagan during a photo opportunity with Tommy Lasorda the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers with his wife Jo Lasorda giving gifts in the Oval Office. (Series: Reagan White House Photographs, 1/20/1981 – 1/20/1989Collection: White House Photographic Collection, 1/20/1981 – 1/20/1989, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

Lasorda’s Famous Quote

“Dodger Stadium was his address, but every ballpark was his home”.

We will recall this famous quote of Lasorda’s as we remember him throughout the years to come.

Lasorda at Fanfest attends The Los Angeles Dodgers Fanfest at Dodger Stadium in 2019.
Tommy Lasorda attends The Los Angeles Dodgers Fanfest at Dodger Stadium in 2016. (photo: Diana Castro/Premier Photo Int’l.)

We will miss you and always remember you, Mr. Lasorda!

Press photographer Diana Castro and Tommy Lasorda
Press photographer Diana Castro and Tommy Lasorda at Dodgers playoff game Sept. 22, 2019, against the Colorado Rookies.