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Celebrity Mixologist & Tequila Expert Kevin A. Vanegas

By Valerie Milano
Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 2/4/23 – Celebrity mixologist and tequila expert Kevin A. Vanegas is thrilled to be a sponsor at the 10th annual Gold Meets Golden, a fantastic charity event which raises much needed funding for Angel City Sports.
“As one of the most historic and legendary Tequila brands in the world, it can only feel right to partner with Gold Meets Golden to gather the best in sports and entertainment, supporting and celebrating extraordinary people,” Vanegas enthused.
Having been a sponsor for the past few years, the veteran tequila expert has so many great memories from being at the event.
“While at Tequila Herradura, they’ve always taught us there are no shortcuts to greatness. This is why it’s not only inspiring, but also uplifting to celebrate with Gold Olympians while toasting to the finest actors,” he said.
“Most importantly it was great to continue the dream alive while navigating through the pandemic and our commitment to excellence while supporting all the fantastic efforts of the Gold Meets Golden organization.”
Vanegas has an array of specialty cocktails for GMG guests.
“I am featuring a Golden Angel Margarita crafted with Tequila Herradura Ultra, an exquisite Cristalino Anejo, made with fresh lime juice, agave nectar and blood orange liqueur garnished w/ real 24K gold flakes while honoring the work of the Golden Angel foundation.”
As a celebrity mixologist, award season in Hollywood is quite busy for the brand.
“I look forward to celebrating extraordinary moments this year.  Adios Rona, it’s time to shake things up with a fine Tequila Herradura margarita in hand!”