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Canyon Star TV Adds Under The Golden Spotlight, Tony’s Backstage Pass, Traditionally Lynch, Center Stage Live, Branson Country USA & More!

Canyon Star TV Adds Under The Golden Spotlight, Tony’s Backstage Pass, Insider’s Brief & Bouncing Back With Tony DUrso, The Tim Kelly Show, Classic Country Breakfast With Mikey, Traditionally Lynch, Center Stage With The Stars, Center Stage Live, Discovery Hope, Branson Country USA, Stories of the Century, and The Rosie & Bill Show!

Shows Coming Soon Include Track By Track Presented By Center Stage Magazine, America Salutes You, The Vision with Dr. Alveda King & More!

Available on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung, Google Play, Android, and more!

“We are honored to be a part of the Canyon Star family. We hope Tony’s Backstage Pass will add to the already impressive lineup of music programming offered on this great network.” – Tony Pasko / Host of Tony’s Backstage Pass

“We’re thrilled to be part of a family that’s all about being family-friendly – Canyon Star TV!” – Rosie De Sanctis / The Rosie & Bill Show

“I was invited to interview Joey Canyon on my syndicated radio show. When I saw what he has going on with Canyon Star TV, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Great entertainment for the whole family. Check out the website, and you’ll be hooked.” – Tim Kelly / President KICR Indie Country Radio

“It is exciting to have a new outlet featuring our music and stories. Canyon Star TV is a platform that is growing fast, and I hope you will check it out.” – William Lee Golden / The Oak Ridge Boys & The Goldens

“Canyon Star is the perfect home for the Country Star vibe. Me and all the Fabulous Superlatives feel right at home here.” – Marty Stuart 

“Canyon Star TV is here, everyone! They are offering some of the best, family-friendly TV shows, movies, and more! And they love country music!” – T. Graham Brown

“I’m very excited to hear the news about the launch of Canyon Network TV. I have been waiting for something like this for years to come along that would help fill the void that The Nashville Network left behind. Congratulations to Canyon Star TV for stepping up to the plate and offering additional exposure to the greatest music ever. COUNTRY MUSIC!” – T.G. Sheppard

“Canyon Star presents cupfuls of robust and wholesome entertainment just perfect for a sit back and drink it up kinda day! I am proud to be a part of it!” – Donna Drake / The Donna Drake Show

“Canyon Star is a great family-friendly platform that has entertainment for everyone. We couldn’t be more excited to be part of the family!” – Buddy Iahn / The Music Universe

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Canyon Star TV presents a wide variety of captivating shows tailored to diverse interests with the utmost quality in family-friendly programming, with new shows constantly being added. The latest additions include Under The Golden Spotlight, Insider’s Brief & Bouncing Back with Tony DUrso, The Tim Kelly Show, Classic Country Breakfast With Mikey, Traditionally Lynch, Center Stage With The Stars, Center Stage Live, The Rosie & Bill Show, Discovery Hope, Branson Country USA, Stories Of The Century, and the popular new fan-favorite, Tony’s Backstage Pass. Canyon Star TV is excited to announce additional programming that will be added soon, including Track By Track Presented By Center Stage Magazine, America Salutes, The Vision with Dr. Alveda King, and more!

“With over 900 Titles, over 9000 Episodes, and over 20,000 viewers in our first year, Canyon Star TV strives to bring a moral compass and 100% family-friendly programming on a global scale,” shares Joey Canyon.

“I am so excited to continue adding more and more fantastic programming,” smiles Kelly Kantz. “Being a music lover, I am super happy that we are the only network airing Tony’s Backstage Pass, making it an exclusive on Canyon Star TV. This show cannot be missed! Tony DUrso and his shows are enlightening on business and life issues, along with our other fantastic shows on Canyon Star TV. I feel proud to add such great programming, and the ability to offer it to the viewers is just outstanding!

Canyon Star TV is proud to focus on a wide variety of programming that appeals to all walks of life, including cooking, business, music entertainment, classic TV shows, documentaries, lifestyles, religion, podcasts, and more. Join host Tony DUrso for his two shows, Insider’s Brief and Bouncing Back, with co-host Max James. Specializing in business, Bouncing Back showcases individuals who have struggled in business or in life but managed to pick themselves back up and grow to higher levels. Another new addition is Tony’s Backstage Pass, an American vodcast that delves into the intricacies of the music industry, combining music and travel to explore its art and culture. Season One of Tony’s Backstage Pass features twenty-four episodes packed with industry legends, iconic performances, and rising stars. The Tim Kelly Show shines a light on the brightest indi-acts in music, while The Rosie & Bill Show brings in-depth conversation and attention to artists from all genres. With constant new content from Center Stage Magazine – Canyon Star TV is just getting started!

The Rosie and Bill Show

Canyon Star TV is also excited to feature more music videos from some of the hottest names in entertainment, including The Oak Ridge Boys, T. Graham Brown, John Conlee, Doug Stone, Pam Tillis, Jeannie Seely, Rhonda Vincent, Mark Wills, Marty Stuart, Kelly Lang, and more!

To view Canyon Star TV’s new sizzle reel, visit HERE.
To sign up for free and for further information, visit  CanyonStar.tv.

“People from all corners of the globe have eagerly signed up to enjoy family-friendly television and music that caters to audiences of all ages,” continues Canyon. “When families sit down at night to enjoy their time together, they want a haven that offers entertainment that isn’t offensive or inappropriate, and that is exactly what we provide. The response continues to be overwhelming.”

Canyon Star TV’s free streaming platform offers diverse programming, including live music videos, children’s shows, talk shows, outdoor living content, and an expanding collection of faith-based programs. With such a varied selection, it stands as the most family-friendly streaming platform available today!

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About Canyon Star TV:

Joey Canyon

Canyon Star TV (CSTV) is a family-friendly television network founded by CEO Joey Canyon, a visionary media entrepreneur and award-winning country music singer-songwriter, recording artist, performer, ​actor, and producer. CSTV officially launched globally in early 2023 and offers the world wholesome ​family programming that celebrates traditional country and Americana music as well as a full spectrum of entertainment with unique and original content. Viewers can use any streaming device to access a broad range of exclusive programming anytime, anywhere, including everything from popular movies and classic TV shows to shopping, travel, sports, lifestyle, food, and history programs to live performances by some of the best country music artists. Founder/CEO Canyon and President Kelly Kantz bring together their love for all aspects of the entertainment industry while providing viewers with something new, exciting, and enriching for the whole family.

For more information, please visit canyonstar.tv or contact [email protected].