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Author Ivor Davis Releases “The Beatles And Me On Tour” 60th Anniversary Edition

By: Jenny Castro

(The Hollywood Times) 3/29/24 – Relive rock and roll history with author Ivor Davis. This summer marks 60 years since The Beatles embarked on their official first tour of the U.S. in August of 1964. Earlier that year in February, the band had made their historic appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in front of hundreds of adoring fans while being watched by over 70 million people around the country.

Recently, Award-Winning Author Ivor Davis released his revamped version of his 2014 book titled, “The Beatles And Me On Tour.” This updated edition marks the 60th anniversary of The Beatles first official U.S. tour which kicked off at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. The edition also features a new introduction, FAQs, plus added photos which makes for a remarkable and entertaining read.  With firsthand insight from Davis himself, the author had the privilege of accompanying The Beatles on their first U.S. tour from start to finish with few other associates from the press at the time. In the book, Davis goes into great detail about his experience on the tour describing exclusive interactions with John, Paul, George, and Ringo, and recollections of celebrity encounters. Included, is a memorable behind the scenes look at Beatles manager Brian Epstein and his business handlings of the band, both good and bad. Also included are rare and exclusive moments Davis personally witnessed as the band experimented with drugs, popped pills, and charmed a never-ending onslaught of admirers, fans, and women.

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Davis, a fellow Brit, had been a writer with The London Daily Express and West Coast correspondent for the newspaper. His intriguing retelling of vivid memories from 60 years ago are marked with delightful humor and candor from The Beatles awkward jam session with Elvis to their night out with screen siren Jayne Mansfield. Amazingly, Davis experienced Beatlemania at its wildest which cemented the British Invasion in the states. Recollections from adolescent crazed fans and The Beatles distinctive personalities make for a charming read as they reflect a genuine telling of 1960’s pop-culture. The book in total provides 19 chapters, each with their own perfectly suited title’s. Beginning with Chapter 1, “My Ticket To Ride,” Davis dives into his newly acquired assignment in travelling with The Fab Four and explains Epstein’s ambition for press coverage for the fresh-faced Beatles (particularly in the states). In Chapter 9, “The Brian Behind The Beatles,” Davis goes in depth about Epstein’s stern management of the band and talks candidly about his insecurities of being a gay Jew, (controversial at the time), substance abuse and unpredictable temperament. In chapter 12, “Dancing With The Stars,” Davis speaks of the lavish party thrown by Capitol Records President Alan Livingston, in where The Beatles interact with A-List celebrities, much to their delight and disdain. The book offers a realistic look inside the glamour and downsides to fame, and also speaks on the controversies and tragedies The Beatles experienced through the years. A ghost-writer for George Harrison during the tour, Davis makes it clear The Beatles struggled with certain aspects of fame and resented the press on occasions as he mentions. Further into the book, Davis also mentions one off interview’s he held with John and Paul post Beatles break-up and his overall last interactions with all 4 lads, quite beautiful and sad in retrospect.

The Fest for Beatles Fans kicks off the exciting 60th Anniversary of 1964

For readers, they will surely be delighted by the bonus Q&A Davis provides in the finale of the book along with celebrity impressions of the band. For you Beatles lovers out there, the book is a fascinating read and must add addition to your reading collection!

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