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Author Gene P. Abel Gives a Fresh Take on Time Travel in His Riveting New Book ‘The Aliens Step In’

By Debra Wallace

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) July 10, 2023)- Sci-fi lovers and fans will be thrilled to read The Aliens Step In, the third installment in the Defenders of Time series by bestselling sci-fi author Gene P. Abel.

The highly-anticipated launch of Aliens Step In is taking place this summer starting on Tuesday, July 18.

The first book in the series, Going Back, introduces his readers to the Time Travel activities of the Earthlings. The Americans do not want anyone to change the past because we cannot know the impact on the present and future. In Going Back, we detect others trying to alter the past and stop their attempt to change the outcome of WWII.

In the second book, Kidnappers From the Future, something we created has an unintended negative effect on one nation in the future. This causes our characters to come back to our time, and kidnap a key scientist in an attempt to alter the past. This time we go into the future and succeed in preventing history from being catastrophically altered.

In the third and last book of this riveting sci-fi trilogy, The Aliens Step In, the heroes of the story, a group of Americans, awaken to discover that parts of their Time Travel facility – not protected from the effect of changes in the past – are disappearing. And only the temporary protection from the Time Travel Chamber delays their total elimination.

It won’t be difficult to be engrossed in this highly dramatic and entertaining sci-fi book to see what the Aliens do to impact the future of Planet Earth and everyone who calls it home.

Gene’s wife of 13 years, Susan, has been a longtime champion of her husband’s bestselling books.

“I am beyond proud of Gene, and I am so impressed with what he has accomplished with his writing,” said Susan Abel. “No matter what happens with his future endeavors, I will always be by his side.”

Bestselling author Gene Abel is ready to launch his new sci-fi book, The Aliens Step In

Gene, do you think sci-fi is all fiction?

I believe some ideas are not fiction but predictions of things to come. So, it’s actually something that hasn’t happened, yet. You have to ask the question, did nuclear submarines exist when 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was written? Did we have phasers when Star Trek began on TV? Concepts such as multi-dimensions. Time travel has some basis in theory based on Stephen Hawking, Einstein, and their mathematical equations. So, science fiction may not be as much fiction as some people think.

Please tell me about your new book, The Aliens Step In.

This new book begins as a time travel adventure and goes into actual alien contact by returning to the past to try to prevent China from being eliminated as part of the American Time Travel activity. We decided it is best not to change things because we don’t know what we are going to get.

The aliens make direct contact and tell the Earthlings we must stop all-time travel and attempts to alter history. The Aliens demonstrate they are fully capable to enforce the edict of stopping time travel and arrange to take delegations from Earth to their planet. They offer to give us a gift in exchange for ending our Time Travel activities – that would make a major difference. A window that we could go and look at any time in history without changing anything, such as dinosaurs for the younger audience, a romantic interlude for women with Ben Franklin in Paris, or for the male audience a look at battles of the past. You need to read the book to find out more about the gift.

How does it feel to have completed a book trilogy?

I was pleased to finish the Trilogy and transition from time travel to alien contact and the exciting impact that the gift they provide Earthlings holds. The prospect of trying to turn the Defenders of Time into a TV series is truly exciting.

What are the best parts of seeing/holding/spreading the word about your numerous published books?

I am flattered by the hundreds of supportive reader comments for my diverse books. Three Sci-fi books, one UFO documentary, a Romance novel, and a political analysis of what we face today. I truly liked the comments about the Video Trailers for each of my books which can be watched by going to my website, genepabelbooks.com.

Why do you encourage people to buy your books and come to your signing events?

I like to welcome the reader to my ideas and hope it will give them some enjoyment. That is why I want people to read my books and get a chance to meet readers at my book signings. This book is for anyone who is a sci-fi aficionado and loves exciting adventures.

What are a few of your favorite books that you read previously or recently and why?

Some favorite books I have read are War of the Worlds20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and The Time Machine; all classics. I also enjoyed The Highlander Series and Star Trek (Series 1 and 2).

Please tell me what you are planning beyond your many bestselling books.

We are looking at a possible series with one of the TV streaming companies based on my Defenders of Time trilogy. I have talked with a video game designer to create a video game from my sci-fi books. Readers on Amazon and Goodreads have commented that my Romance novel, The Inn of Destiny would make a dynamite movie.

We have created a screenplay, Hollywood treatment, video trailer, and storyboards to see if we can secure a producer option for a movie. Included in my Time Travel novels are illustrations for merchandise such as posters, action figures, and toys from Going BackKidnappers From the Future, and The Aliens Step In could be created.

Gene Abel and his wife, Susan, celebrate the summer launch of his sci-fi trilogy with the final installment, The Aliens Step In

I have heard there are many rave reviews about your book. Please tell me what some of your favorite reactions are.

Here is a favorite from Kimberly Franklin:

“Hold on tight for a pulse-pounding adventure in Defenders of Time Book 3: The Aliens Step In by Gene P. Abel. This electrifying installment catapults the series to new heights, delivering non-stop action, heart-stopping suspense, and jaw-dropping revelations. The defenders find themselves facing an otherworldly threat that pushes them to their limits, and Abel masterfully balances high-stakes battles with moments of genuine emotion. The alien species introduced in this book adds a fresh dynamic, with their mysterious motives and formidable powers. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of epic proportions as Abel’s writing propels you through time and space. This is a must-read for adrenaline junkies and fans of exhilarating sci-fi sagas!”

Lehigh University President Joseph Helble with Author Gene P. Abel

What is your life philosophy that keeps you working so hard at age 82, a time when many people slow down?

My philosophy is: I know I will not hit a home run every time I come to bat, but if I never get up to bat, I will never hit one.

What is your overall aim as an author, storyteller, and entertainer?

I hope to be able to reach a larger audience to enable me to branch out as I described. My wish is to continue to see a large number of people be able to enjoy my books.

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Gene Abel’s Bio:

Author Gene P. Abel brings a successful and diverse educational and professional background to his prolific writing career. Mr. Abel’s formal education includes a B.S. in Finance and an MBA. His 30 years as a successful business executive in both the private and public sectors are overlaid with 30 years as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army and Army Reserve.

After graduating from Penn State as a Distinguished Military Graduate, Mr. Abel spent five years on active duty and 25 years in the Army Reserve, with diverse assignments as a nuclear weapons officer and finance officer.

Mr. Abel graduated from the Army War College in 1985 and was awarded the Army Commendation Medal and the Meritorious Service Medal on two occasions. Colonel Abel was nominated for brigadier general and retired in 1993 as an Army Colonel.

For more information, go to:  genepabelbooks.com