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An Innovative Bruce Hornsby Reveals How Music Enhances Music

uce Hornsby & YMusic At The Fred Kavli Theatre

At the Fred Kavli Theatre at the Bank of America Performing Arts Center, Bruce Hornsby & yMusic present BrhyM, celebrating the legendary musician’s career through true invention.

By John Lavitt

Thousand Oaks, CA (The Hollywood Times) 04-11-2024

Los Angeles overflows with legendary concert settings like The Wiltern and the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. At the same time, many of the finest venues fall under the radar of your typical concertgoer. A little off the beaten track, these hidden gems have the potential to shine just as bright as the other venues. The Fred Kavli Theatre at the Bank of America Performing Arts Center in Thousand Oaks is a perfect example. When Bruce Hornsby brought BrhyM, his collaboration with yMusic, a genre-breaking American chamber sextet, the Fred Kavli Theatre proved to be an ideal location for such innovation.

At 69, singer-songwriter and pianist Bruce Hornsby has had a legendary career. He rose to fame with the Grammy-winning debut album The Way It Is in 1986 with Bruce Hornsby and the Range. The title track set the country on fire, becoming the most-played song on U.S. radio in 1987. Since then, he has released over 20 albums and won three Grammy Awards. He has also toured with the Grateful Dead and played on 100-plus albums by everyone from Bob Dylan and Mavis Staples to Don Henley and Willie Nelson.

At the Fred Kavli Theatre, Bruce Hornsby showed that getting older does not affect his innate desire to innovate and grow. By recording and touring with yMusic, Hornsby reveals how music enhances music. In the first set, yMusic opened the show by playing independently. Revealing a collaborative spirit, the chamber ensemble brings an improvisational jazz flow to classical music. After playing together for over sixteen years, the musicians know each other inside and out, fostering a creative comfort zone. Unconventional in nature, their music is far from traditional.

After the alternative opening by yMusic, Bruce Hornsby came on and played some classic Bruce Hornsby on the piano. Telling stories with each song, Hornsby turned the expansive theatre into a bluegrass, honky tonk bar for a few songs. Although it was a lot of fun to experience, it seemed familiar. With true professionalism, Hornsby entertains, bringing the audience a user-friendly experience.

Bruce Hornsby & YMusic Present BrhyM

However, everything soared to the next level of innovation when yMusic returned to the stage and played with the legend, keeping to his piano. Together, they reinterpreted many of Hornsby’s classic songs, including The Way It Is. The combination of the two musical forces was something of a revelation. Indeed, the audience was blown away, clapping loudly and happily after each new exploration.

What proved to be so special about Bruce Hornsby & yMusic present BrhyM was the willingness of a musical legend to innovate. By allowing the talents of yMusic to enhance his popular tunes, Hornsby proved to be as much of an artist as an entertainer. Watching the show, it became so apparent how different genres of music can enhance each other, bringing expression to the next level of excellence. From the alternative beginnings of the journey to the revelation of the second set, it proved to be a fantastic night of music.