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Alexander Millar (aka Vattica) Brings First Ever Mini-Festival for the Neurodivergent and Disabled Communities to Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES, CA – Alexander Millar (artist name VATTICA) is producing Los Angeles’ first ever mini festival designed around the needs of the Neurodivergent and Disabled communities, called NEURONITE, on Friday July 26th, 2024, at the cutting-edge Media Pollution warehouse space in Los Angeles, CA.

As a queer nonbinary neurodivergent person with lifelong OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) that experienced a near-disabling resurgence in their symptoms once the pandemic began, Alex believes that their intersecting identities help them to be uniquely positioned to serve the neurodivergent, queer, and nonbinary communities. 

“I was inspired to assemble NEURONITE because every single show or concert I’ve ever played or attended solely catered to the needs of neurotypical folks” says Alex. 

“This event seeks to provide a place where neurodivergent folx are prioritized and celebrated, both on and off stage. NEURONITE is specifically designed to serve two functions; the showcasing of new artistic works by humans who share the often intersectional identities of neurodivergent, queer, nonbinary, and/or D/disabled that are so often underrepresented and unheard from in mainstream events due to a lack of access, means and opportunity, and the creation of a live show environment that is built around and prioritizes the comfort and needs of the neurodivergent community, rather than making us all an afterthought at best, or an inconvenience at worst.” 

NEURONITE also offers neurodivergent folx everywhere the opportunity to process, heal and express themselves creatively while fostering community engagement, support, and mental health awareness via a livestream of the entire event for those who are unable to attend in person and/or located elsewhere in the world. 

The one-of-a-kind event will feature headlining performances by VATTICAÉlishia Sharie and Frankie Simone, and includes merchants and food vendors, in a space designed by the NEURONITE team prioritizing COVID safety, overstimulation, and community care.

NEURONITE is a non-traditional festival that is defying conventional concert conventions with a strong message of inclusion, celebration and radical reimagining. By assembling a neuro-inclusive music festival, Mx. Millar and the NEURONITE team are rallying music fans, influencers, tastemakers and industry executives around the neurodivergent and D/disabled communities; partnering the CA Creative Corps, generously supported by the California Arts Council and administered by Community Partners.