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Alejandra Valenzuela at the 22nd annual Conscious Life Expo

By Juan Markos

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 2/12/24 – I attended a workshop titled “Awakening the Lunar Goddess” by Alejandra Valenzuela at the 22nd annual Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. The event was hosted at the LAX Hilton, and there were over two hundred speakers and hundreds of exhibitors, with thousands of people in attendance. The lines for the speakers were very long, and the crowd was quite rude, pushing and shoving like at a concert.

Despite the chaos, I chose to attend a keynote speech with a pendulum as there were six to choose from. It was the new moon on the lunar new year, and I was glad I attended Alejandra Valenzuela’s workshop. She is a renowned speaker, soul coach, and mystic deeply connected to the Cosmic Mother. She shared her backstory and how she transitioned from being a commercial real estate agent to a mystic and healer. She explained how she felt unfulfilled despite her financial and social success and how her search for happiness ultimately led her to Brazil, where she discovered new ideas and concepts that helped her reach the enlightened stage she is at today.

During her workshop, Alejandra taught us how to feel the rhythm of the moon and how to set intentions using the lunar cycle. She explained the stages and phases of the moon and gifted us all with blessed seeds on which we set our intentions. Her presentation was very informative and transformative, and she shared secrets to transform our lives by simply being aware of the lunar cycle.

After the workshop, I shopped at the exhibitor booths and even got my Aura Photo taken. I also purchased some chakra sprays, feeling inspired and enlightened after attending Alejandra’s workshop. I look forward to attending next year’s Conscious Life Expo.