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A Conversation with country music artist Vinny Hickerson about his Christmas song “Christmas White” and animated video


By Judy Shields

Hollywood, California (The Hollywood Times) 12/15/2023

This new Christmas song, Christmas White is truly one to add to your holiday playlist. It is available now on all your streaming platforms.  Download it now to enjoy for the holidays. There is also an amazing animated video to go along with Vinny’s Christmas Song.

Spotify- https://open.spotify.com/artist/6kSPv521YxTK9nWjEWd6kE?si=-HfyAiLCQnqRhmStOrRrNQ&nd=1

Here is the video featured on YouTube:

The Hollywood Times had the opportunity to talk to Vinny about this holiday song.  Wait until you hear how the video was made. Great story indeed.  This conversation was very powerful and will bring tears, so grab some Kleenex and enjoy this moving conversation:

Middle Tennessee’s Native Vencent (Vinny) Hickerson roots run deep in the Music City, as a second generation in Nashville’s music scene Hickerson was raised up looking up to his father’s legacy of music. Hickerson’s heritage runs strong in his genes, and he has followed the footsteps of his father, his mentor being a phenomenal guitar player, who graced the stage as a touring musician for legends such as Loretta Lynn, Steve Miller Band, Alan Jackson, David Allen Coe and many more. With that inspiration, Hickerson took it to heart and set his sights on Nashville that set the stage for his career ahead. After playing every stage possible in Nashville, the singer-songwriter garnered himself a publishing deal and next would change his life – to be signed to a major record company. Hickerson became one half of the band The Trailer Choir which later became signed to Toby Keith’s record label and was quickly nicknamed “Bigg Vinny” because he weighed in at astounding 426 pounds. The nickname stuck but not his trademark weight!

After a near death experience due to his obese weight the country singer was chosen as a contestant on Season 12 of “NBC’s The Biggest Loser.” The once obese man from Middle Tennessee shed the fat to become the svelte 242 lbs. Bigg Vinny playing every role since in being a manager, distributing music, touring, acting, has decided to come back with the heart tune called BATTLEGROUND.

Vinny Hickerson

BATTLEGROUND is a song that takes me straight back to sweating it out at two-a-days training for football. You had to truly love something so much that you would be willing to go out there in the BATTLEGROUND and leave everything BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS!!! It’s now the way I approach my life on a daily basis!!! When we wrote this song, we all came from different backgrounds, but we all identified with the sentiments of this song!!! No matter if your Battleground is a sport, the music industry, the daily grind of your job, or the proud honor of fighting for our country it’s all about the hard work, dedication, and pride you put into it!!!” exclaims the country crooner!

Bigg Vinny is joined by Jared Blake, from Season 1 of the Voice and team Blake Shelton, and Jared Weeks of rock band Saving Abel (founder and lead singer.) BATTLEGROUND was released on November 16th, and he will continue to tour supporting the single and more upcoming music.

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